1995 Robin went to a computer expo and found this really cool program called technomaker and we started experimenting with it and had alot of fun, but Technomaker was really limited and we soon realized we needed to move on if we wanted to make more music.

One day Micke bought a magazine called "Tekno" and along with the cd that followed the magazine was a program called Fast tracker 2. This was our first encounter with a "real" music program and we soon started tracking like mad men.

We made about 400 tunes before we realized the limitations of a tracker and the limitations of sampled sounds.

1999 we moved on to midi sequencers and realized this was the way to go.
In 2001 we entered a contest by which resulted in a place on the compilation cd Psychedelic spark, made by record label Inpsyde Media.

Inpsyde Media liked our style alot and decided that we would be their first signed artist.
As we had made song for a long time we almost had an entire album ready. So 4-5 weeks after we were contancted we had the entire album done and in June 2002 we released
Funky Fumes.

Days and years went by and we continiued making music. Although Promon was kind of put on halt since both Micke and Robin had other stuff to do.

At this time we both got other stuff to do but stay tuned for more music from Promon.